Rest assured, our cleaning staff will leave your home sparkling clean and your mind at peace.

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Our professional staff is highly experienced in condo and house cleaning service in Toronto. Every staff member is qualified in their thorough approach to cleaning a condo; they know how it differs from cleaning a house and where they need to pay special attention. Condo cleaning requires a special approach in several ways. For example, dust is usually more of an issue in condos than in houses. High-rise buildings in Toronto are often exposed to city traffic and construction. Our cleaning staff pays special attention to making sure places like window sills, baseboards and walls are cleansed from dust. Dust is not always visible in these areas. However, experience and attention to detail in condo cleaning dictates the thoroughness in cleaning these areas.

Many newly developed condos in Toronto have special features that also need special attention. Things such as granite and hardwood can be sensitive to different chemicals. Our staff is especially trained in cleaning surfaces like granite and marble to not cause any damage to these fine finishes. Another common features in condos are large windows and wooden floors. Cleaning windows requires special care, such as right cleaning tools and products. If you have dark wood floors in your condo, you know how hard it can be to maintain them in a good shape. We know your struggle. And that is why we carefully pick products that will suit your special condo needs and keep your beautiful floors spotless and shiny.

We respect your pets, your belongings, and your space. And this respect is communicated through making sure you and your loved ones are not exposed to breathing in toxic city wastes and dust, that you have plenty of light through your non-foggy windows, and your high-end finishes are well taken care of and maintained. We use all natural products to preserve your health and health of your loved ones.

Having a busy city life in a condo in Toronto can be demanding. We know your busy schedule, your concerns, and how important it is for you to keep your space clean and tidy, while maintaining the least risk to your health and health of your loved ones. If you just like coming home from a busy day to a clean space, or whether you like to host parties and need a hand with a thorough clean-up after, you can put your trust in us. Our cleaning staff will leave your home sparkling clean and your mind at peace.


Clean backsplashes
Wash and sanitize sinks and counters
Clean the outside of the appliances
Clean the microwave inside and out
Wipe the dust off of windowsills and doors
Vacuum floors
Mop floor surfaces
Empty garbage bins

Sanitize toilets, showers and sinks
Clean counter surfaces and soap dishes
Clean glass and mirrors
Mop floors
Wipe fixtures
Empty garbage bins

Vacuum all rugs/broadloom
Clean wood/laminate floors
Hand wash marble
Polish and dust furniture
Vacuum and wipe all couches and chairs
Dust windowsills, blinds and shutters
Dust lampshades and pictures
Remove all cobwebs
Clean hard floor surfaces
Dust baseboards
Clean doors

My Home is a Mess, how much will it cost to clean it all up?

Our Flat Rate starts at $130 per 1 bedroom apartment and our hourly rate is $40. For messier places deep cleaning is a good idea. Here’s the price Pricing Page

Do I need to be at home when the maid arrives?

You don’t. Many of our clients prefer to be outside of their house when the cleaning takes place.

I need to clean inside the fridge and oven, can you do that?

Yes it is an addon and is included in our Deep Cleaning services. For the full list of what is included see the move in move out cleaning page

Do you offer Green Cleaning Service and if so how much does it cost?

Yes we do. We offer green cleaning supplies and we will charge you the same rate. You can specify green cleaning services in our booking form

Do you clean behind the fridge and stove?

Yes, we do. Please note that due to our insurance policy, our cleaners are not allowed to move furniture and appliances during the cleaning but you can move these items for us.

Do you accept cash payment?

Yes, we do. However, we still require a credit card upon booking and a hold for the full amount of the booking will still be placed on the card the day before the service. The hold will be released as soon as we receive the cash payment.

Is there anything you do not clean?

We do not clean pet or human waste and homes that are infested by pests. Due to our insurance policy, we are not allowed to move furniture and appliances and can only clean what is within reach using a step stool and extenders.

What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?

For flat rate bookings, we guarantee that all the items in our checklist are cleaned thoroughly. Should there be missed areas during the cleaning, you can let us now within 48 hours after the service has been rendered and we will be more than happy to send a team back to reclean the missed areas, free of charge!